Eddie Chan

Investment Areas:
AI & Automation, Enterprise SaaS

ver a decade of experience bringing technology to market, spanning healthcare, B2B, and consumer media on a global scale: managed global partnerships at YouTube, Ads at Google focusing on democratizing digital marketing, implementing Affordable Care Act Healthcare Exchanges in Vermont and Hawaii.

B.A./B.S. Economics & Systems Engineering @ University of Pennsylvania; MBA @ Kellogg.

Phoenix Tailings

Provider of metal refining services intended to leverage untapped value within mining and refining waste economically and sustainably. The company’s services engage in taking mining and refining waste and treating them as a new ore that can be used by various industries thereby sustainably creating primary metals and eliminating hazardous environmental waste, enabling clients to get access to carbon-free environmental alternatives by getting new ways of metals mined out of industrial waste.

CEO: Nick Myers



LDVP Partners - Portfolio Item - elemind


Elemind Technologies, Inc. is a neurotechnology company using novel neuromodulation techniques to shape brainwaves & change brain states.

CEO: Meredith Perry

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: Cambridge, MA


Sentieon provides scientists, clinicians, patients and consumers with accurate genomic information for precision medicine. Sentieon’s proprietary technology brings unprecedented cycle time, accuracy and precision to the bioinformatics market. The Sentieon analytics tool recently was awarded the 2016 Top Overall Performance Award by FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf


Sentieon’s product roadmap includes distinguishing malignant tumors from benign tumors for cancer diagnostics and other unsolved problems in the burgeoning genomics industry.

CEO: Jun Ye

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: Mountain View, CA


Spot BioSystems is a bioengineering company providing solutions for personalized cancer.

CEO: Andrew Lee, MD, PhD

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA


PercAssist, Inc. is a privately held company that has developed “The first minimally invasive, ECG synchronized, extra-vascular for treating severe heart failure”. PercAssist provides an option that is procedurally simple, is easily tolerated, reduces recovery time, decreases long-term complications and hospitalizations, and increases survival and quality of life.

There is an ever-increasing demand in this large market space and PercAssist, with their Founding Team and Clinical Advisory Board Members are driven by the desire to tackle this massive unmet patient need.

CEO: Gerardo Noriega

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA


MemVerge is building a new distributed data infrastructure using persistent memory. Target use cases include machine learning, big data and AI.

CEO: Charles Fan

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: San Jose, CA



KangarooHealth is an AI-Powered software platform for post-surgery recovery care. KangarooHealth shortens the patient risk identification window from months to hours. KangarooHealth also improves recovery outcomes and empowers providers to unlock new revenues at zero cost. It was founded by repeat entrepreneurs from John Hopkins Medicine and Stanford StartX, backed by domain leaders from Kaiser Permanente and Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

CEO: Xiaoxu Kang

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA


Juni Learning is a technology company committed to preparing kids for life and developing leaders in the world. Our unique one-on-one learning program gives students access to an extensive computer science curriculum taught by credible instructors, using dynamic software that enables students to learn by doing. Juni was founded by Stanford graduates and Google alumni and now serves thousands of students in 38 US states and 10 countries.

CEO: Vivian Shen

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


Immune-Onc Therapeutics, Inc. (“Immune-Onc”) is a privately held cancer immunotherapy company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel biologic treatments for cancer patients. The company aims to translate unique scientific insights in the tumor microenvironment and immune suppressive pathways to develop first-in-class biotherapeutics. Its lead program, an antibody targeting LILRB4, is being developed to treat acute myeloid leukemia and other cancers

CEO: Charlene Liao, Ph.D.

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA


Felix and Paul are the pioneers in creating high-end, original cinematic experiences. Felix and Paul Studios combine the latest technological innovations with their unique approach to the new art of Virtual Reality storytelling. The studio invites audiences into intimate, visceral and emotive cinematic VR experiences, immersing the viewer in presence-driven story lines. The company has developed a full-stack VR technology platform, including proprietary 3D 360 camera systems and accompanying post-production software and processes. The studio also collaborates with existing franchises and world-renowned titans in the traditional entertainment, movie making, political and sports arenas, taking storytelling to the next dimension.

Cofounders: Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Equota enables heavy industries to optimize their power consumption, thereby reducing carbon emissions and energy costs without disrupting service levels. Equota’s cloud-based service collects data from multiple layers and sources and processes the data in real time using proprietary machine learning algorithms. Equota serves Chinese high-tech industrial zones/parks, commercial and industrial buildings, distributed power plants and commercial buildings like department stores and hotels. Within the first six months, one Equota customer, a steel plant in East China, saved $1 million USD on energy-related costs and realized an equivalent reduction of 5,000 tons of coal.

CEO: Charlotte Wang

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: Shanghai, China


Creator, formerly Momentum Machines, is revolutionizing the way food is prepared and served. Using sophisticated robots, Creator can perform gourmet culinary techniques beyond what is possible for manual cooking. Yet, because of the efficiency enabled by its end-to-end automated process, it can offer its product at mass-market price points.

CEO: Alex Vardakostas

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

LDVP Partners - Portfolio Item - voxeet


Voxeet is VoIP web conferencing software that uses 3D high definition voice technology to produce immersive sound. Acquired by Dolby in June 2019.

CEO: Stephane Giraudie

Status: Acquired

Company Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


If data is the new oil, then one needs to find, refine, secure, transport and track the data. CompilerWorks (CW) makes these critical functions efficient and fast. What CW really does: CompilerWorks develops software that ingest users’ data‑processing code; generate an accurate algebraic representation across multiple data processing platforms; and emits either a lineage model for static analysis of enterprise wide data processing or as SQL in an alternate dialect. There are two key application areas for this core technology: migrating from one data processing platform to another and acting as the foundation for an enterprise wide Data Processing Management solution (covering data governance, infosec compliance, data discovery, cloud cost control and data processing performance).

CEO: Gerald Wluka


Company Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA

Cicada Speech

Cicada Speech has one mission which is to build the number one conversational AI Platform for Customer Engagement.

CEO: Tom Wang

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: San Jose, CA


Cepton Technologies makes 3D perception systems for automobiles and other smart machine applications.

CEO: Jun Pei

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: San Jose, CA


Caption Health was founded on a simple but powerful concept: What if we could use technology to emulate the expertise of highly trained medical experts and put that ability into the hands of every care provider? Our vision is to move specialty diagnostics and decision-making to the point of care for every patient exam. We are delivering AI systems that empower healthcare providers with new capabilities to acquire and interpret ultrasound exams.

CEO: Charles Cadieu


Company Headquarters: Brisbane, CA


Establishing a new ecosystem that provides privacy, security and governance to accelerate the flow data elements, including algorithms, to activate the full value of data sharing.

CEO: Zhen Luo

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: Shanghai, China


Blue J Legal uses machine learning to make law more transparent and accessible.

CEO: Benjamin Alarie

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Apexigen, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing the next generation of antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer with an emphasis on new immuno-oncology products that harness the patient’s immune system to combat and eradicate cancer.

CEO: Xiaodong Yang, MD, Ph.D.

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: San Carlos, CA


Alcatraz has developed a physical access control platform that enables touchless and secure entry in the enterprise powered by facial authentication and AI.

CEO: Tina D’Agostin

Status: Private

Company Headquarters: Redwood City, CA


Active-Semi offers the best cost-performance solutions for power management and motor control. Active’s chips can be found in SSD controllers, video processors, aerial drones, power tools and millions of other consumer and industrial electronic devices. As a fabless semiconductor company, Active has sold over 1.5 billion of its patented chips and is quietly revolutionizing the multi-billion-dollar motor control and power management market.

CEO: Larry Blackledge

Status: Acquired

Company Headquarters: Dallas, TX


Ubiquity6 (acquired by Discord) is connecting the virtual world seamlessly to the physical world. Ubiquity6 (acquired by Discord) combines the latest advancements in computer vision and smartphone processing power to enable massively multiplayer, persistent augmented reality (AR) experiences. The company was founded by alumni from Metamind, Tesla, Facebook, Twitter and Stanford University.

CEO: Anjney Midha


Company Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


ldvp portfolio anrok


Anrok automates sales tax compliance across your financial stack, so you can grow your SaaS business in any market.

CEO: Michelle Valentine

Company Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


Emvolon is an MIT spin-off accelerating a zero-carbon future by converting methane, CO2 emissions, and waste into carbon-negative fuels and green chemicals like methanol and ammonia. Emvolon’s technology enables marine, aviation, energy, waste management, and agriculture to power the economy without emissions.

CEO: Emmanuel Kasseris



ldvp portfolio impossible


Impossible Foods develops plant-based substitutes for meat products. The company’s signature product is the Impossible Burger, contains heme, unlike most plant-based meat imitation products.

Company Headquarters: REDWOOD CITY, CA


TileDB is a database management system that targets advanced applications across life sciences, geospatial research, generative AI, and other data science and engineering domains. It is architected around multi-dimensional arrays, a powerful structure that morphs to capture any data modality — from tables, vector embeddings and images, to ML models, 3D point clouds and population genomics datasets. TileDB provides an ecosystem of open-source tools, as well as a commercial product, TileDB Cloud, which offers a secure platform for distributed computations, interactive analysis, collaboration and integrations with a range of TileDB vertical solutions. TileDB was spun out of MIT and Intel Labs in May 2017.

CEO: Stavros Papadopoulos




Newomics is dedicated to creating and commercializing innovative and integrative platforms and solutions for precision medicine.





Nido Bio leverages human genetics to develop precision medicines for  severe neurological diseases.  




LDVP Portfolio Venti


Venti develops autonomous logistics mobility technology designed to develop global supply chains and industrial hubs for future transportation and moving goods. The company offers logistical infrastructure such as port cranes, for complete automation to navigate complex environments and heavy traffic, with an unmatched ability to park accurately.

CEO: Heidi Wyle, PhD

Company Headquarters: Boston, MA

LDVP Portfolio Space X


SpaceX is a spacecraft manufacturer, launcher, and a satellite communications company. The company manufactures the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, and Starship launch vehicles, several rocket engines, Cargo Dragon and Crew Dragon spacecraft, and Starlink communications satellites. SpaceX is developing a satellite internet constellation named Starlink to provide commercial internet service.

CEO: Elon Musk 

Company Headquarters: Hawthorne, CA

LDVP Portfolio Medra


Medra is a developer of a robotic system intended to accelerate biology research by making lab automation accessible. By performing protocols to the highest quality standards and quickly deploying to new tasks, they enable scientists to automate lab tasks and focus on making groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

CEO: Michelle Lee, PhD 

Company Headquarters: SAN FRANCISCO, CA

LDVP Portfolio Luna


Luna Care offers on-demand physical therapy services. It offers personalized care at home that is covered by insurance. The company provides its services for orthopedic, sports injuries, senior care, and post-surgical rehabilitation care through its licensed therapists which can be requested via the application.

CEO: Kris Duggan 

Company Headquarters: Rocklin, CA

LDVP Portfolio Kiwi Drop


KiwiDrop is a socialized one-stop shop for small businesses to buy ready-to-ship wholesale inventory, source ethical and quality suppliers for their new product ideas, and explore other value-added services such as logistics and warehouse.

CEO: Jaggie Zhu 

Company Headquarters: San Mateo, CA

ldvp portfolio jacobi robotics


Jacobi Robotics is a software development platform for robot arms – develop robot arms 10x faster with friendly APIs and cutting-edge algorithms.

CEO: Max Cao 

Company Headquarters: Berkeley, CA

ldvp portfolio graphiant


Graphiant is a Silicon Valley-based provider of next-generation Edge services. The Graphiant Network Edge is an “as-a-Service” solution that provides connectivity between the enterprise WAN, hybrid cloud, network edge, customers and partners.

CEO: Khalid Raza

Company Headquarters: SAN JOSE, CA

ldvp portfolio artly


Artly Coffee develops a robot barista trained by world class class baristas to deliver the perfect cup everytime.

CEO:Meng Wang

Company Headquarters: Seattle, WA

ldvp portfolio genemod


Genemod is a unified platform for life scientists to collaborate and streamline day-to-day operations in the research lab.

CEO: Jacob Lee  

Company Headquarters: Seattle, WA

ldvp portfolio geek


Geek+ applies advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to realize high-flexibility and intelligent logistics automation solution, providing clients with a reliable and one-stop enterprise-level service with strong technological strength, customer understanding, and thorough after-sales service quality systems.

CEO: Yong Zheng 

Company Headquarters: Beijing, China

ldvp portfolio fed lm


FedML provides an open source community and an enterprise platform for decentralized and collaborative AI. FedML has been adopted widely (top ranking open-source library on federated learning, 2000+ enterprise platform users, and 10+ enterprise B2B customers) in healthcare, IoT, fintech/insurtech, smarty home, smart city, and web3.

CEO: Salman Avestimehr, PhD  

Company Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA

ldvp portfolio epic bio


Epic Bio is building the world’s leading therapeutic platform based on the exciting new technology of epigenetic engineering.

CEO: Amber Salzman, PhD 

Company Headquarters: South San Francisco, CA

ldvp portfolio elisity


Elisity is an enterprise-edge security platform intended to help risk management leaders untangle network security. The company provides a cloud solution for identity-based segmentation. The company makes network security easy and reduces the attack surface, enabling users to build a virtual network overlay over their brownfield infrastructure.

CEO: James Winebrenner 

Company Headquarters: SAN JOSE, CA

ldvp portfolio edetek


Edetek is revolutionizing clinical trials through an integrated digital solution promoting interoperability & real time processing by providing comprehensive metadata driven solutions to fulfill an enterprise’s data engineering and business analytics needs, through excellence in technology and its applications, plus deep and broad IT industry knowledge.

CEO:Jian Chen 

Company Headquarters: Princeton NJ

ldvp portfolio cnex labs


CNEX Labs delivers storage systems for cloud data and enterprise data centers. The company’s controllers deliver high performance with low and predictable latency as well as provide flexibility for software-defined storage with host-based ftl and ethernet input/output for storage fabric scalability, enabling businesses to accelerate the capabilities of big data computing and analytics with ease.

CEO:Alan Armstrong, PhD

Company Headquarters: SAN JOSE, CA

ldvp portfolio citicon


Citcon is a mobile payment network that enables global merchants to accept payments from consumers.

CEO:Chuck Huang

Company Headquarters: SANTA CLARA, CA

ldvp portfolio botrista


Botrista provides beverage solutions to foodservice operators by leveraging easy-to-use equipment (the DrinkBot) alongside a line of pre-packaged ingredients (BiBs) to deliver a variety of craft beverages, including infused teas & lattes, flavored lemonades, and iced coffees.

CEO:Sean Hsu 

Company Headquarters: SAN FRANCISCO, CA

ldvp portfolio blend


Blend Labs provides a cloud-based software platform and suite of products for financial providers to transform consumer banking experiences and streamline workflows for their teams.

Company Headquarters: SAN FRANCISCO, CA

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